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Friday, August 12, 2005

This is from a new friend o' the blog's site

Top picture is Seth's bike at the Station sign and the bottom one is "The Antarctic Mountainbike Club"! These are pictures from the site http://www.sethwhite.org and they are from the most isolated mountainbike trail on Earth! Would you believe Antarctica? Seth worked down at McMurdo Station near Scott Base in Antarctica and did some mountainbiking down there and these photos are Seth Whites property used with his permission! Thanks for the permission Seth, and the good words! Next time you decide to visit the old "Alma Mater" of Purdue, we'll have to hook up at XXX!

I incorrectly attributed the "Antarctic Mountain Bike Club" photo to Seth White, but he corrected me! I gues I can't remember where I found it, other than it was associated with Antarctic Mountainbiking! It's still a cool photo though! If I could remember where I found it, I'd properly attribute it!


Peg said...

WOW!!! WAY too COOL!!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

By the way, I need to make a correction on a photo attribution! The "Antarctic Mountain Bike Club" photo was not taken by Seth, so I must have grabbed it from one of the sites linked to his! If it's your photo, whoever reads this, sorry about the misattribution!

Anonymous said...

dear shrinking man you are doing good keep of the good work

Anonymous said...


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks to all of you! I truly appreciate the supportive comments you post! They help keep me on track and shrinking!

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