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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I went shopping at WALMART and found clothes!

My jersey graphic above, me below left

I surprised myself today! I actually was able to buy clothes in a REGULAR STORE! I have been shopping Big and Tall for years(Emphasis on BIG)! I was able to get a couple of T shirts in Walmart today in size 3X that fit me! You have to understand, I started out in 8X shirt and 8X pants! I have dropped 14 inches off my waist as well! This is cool! By the way, any opinions on the Graphic I just set up for my race jersey for mountainbiking?


Anonymous said...

I do believe that the graphic is fantastic. About the new clothes from WALMART. That is great, no one never knows what can be found there. All will be well and you are doing so great. Always remember peace and time will guide you.

Your friend always

Peg said...

OOOH cool picture!! Talk about a real daredevil!! And you are looking good!! I know it sounds wierd, but anytime you can go into your everyday stores and find something to wear off the rack it is great and something alot of ppl take for granted!!
*Peg's clapping her hands and doing the happy dance!*

Anonymous said...

Have you rode on any trails yet? Rum village in south bend is my local trail. We have group rides every thursday night around 5:30. we always welcome new riders,we call it slow thursday its a good social event to get to know other riders and play around on the trail.Hope to see you on the trail or on the nimba web site.

p.s. how much weight have you lost so far? I have lost 215. I'm down to 195lbs.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

To my anonymous friend, Thanks!
To Peg, thanks and I wish I could see that happy dance![EVIL GRIN]
To Biggscott: I've lost 210 pounds so far and only 100 to go to goal weight! WOOHOO! I'll be in Syracuse midmonth, maybe we can get together in the "Bend" on a Thursday midmonth! Sounds cool! I'll definately try to get up to Rum Village for at least one Thurs. slow ride!

Tom said...

That would be cool if there was a team of racers all who were bariatric patients.

I had a thought about something. I read alot of posts on MTBR about racing and the way they need to pay attention to how much they ingest during races, especially the endurance. Would your procedure effect this in any way.

I guess most of them use gels and concentrates so maybe not.

East coast Tom

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, Tom, I am trying to put that together! My intent is to assist funding a foundation to help people seeking bariatric surgery that have legal or insurance issues(I/E if their insurance is stonewalling them, like they did me, sic a lawyer on them) or if they have no insurance and have genuine need, pay for their surgery and hospital stay!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Now to address your question on nutrition, I have to take supplements and vitamins the rest of my life due to malabsorption problems the go with the surgery. You need to stay away from sugars and too much in the way of carbs or you will definately know it, either vomiting or dumping syndrome(The other end!). I have to take protien supplements as well, at 1 gram protien/kilogram body mass on a descending scale as I lose weight. This will go down to an absolute minimum of 65 grams of protien/day. I'll be staying a bit higher than that due to muscle needs from all the exercise I get! I need to eat beans and rice at least once a week for the Lysine as our body can't manufacture that complex amino acid and other sources are out of the question, due to dietary concerns. In short, energy bars and energy gels are out because of sugar content. Pasta's ok in SMALL quantities. Bread is minimal. No ice cream either(THAT SUX!)

cherrybomber said...

congrats storm crowe! i know the feeling :)

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