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Sunday, August 14, 2005

In the Interest of honest recordkeeping

In my last post, an anonymous poster made a point on the speed my ride computer recorded! I'm embarrassed to say I was wrong! I goofed on setting my ride computer. I went back and checked the trail surveyed miles against the distance and got a variance of 1.26 miles counted by comp/ mile traveled. I rechecked the elapsed time vs speed and found I was pushing a max of 23 mph! Sorry about the inaccuracy and thanks for making me think and check it out there Anonymous! I've reset the ride computer too! Above all I need accuracy in my data for recordkeeping on my ride logs! So thanks again!
OOOOPS! I'm willing to admit I was wrong!


Peg said...

OOOH OOOOh OOOOH!! A unique quality!! A man who admits he's wrong!! TEll your wife she had better hang on tight to you, my friend!! *Peg's grinning now*


Anonymous said...

I still don't believe you held 23mph for 9 miles. That's impressive for some guys half your size.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

You're entitled to your opinion Anonymous, no problem. You don't know me, so that's fine! Have a good ride next time you're out on the bike! I corrected my error and you could at least give me credit for that though!

To Peg: Thanks much! I appreciate the flowers, gal!

semantic overload said...

hey stormcrowe
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You comment was flattering indeed. Thank you.

Eric said...

New reader....

Just wanted to say you are a inspiration to anyone. I'm 25 years old and slightly overweight and have now made it a rountine to read your blog to help me with my motivation.

Keep it up.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Eric, thanks much for your very nice comment! Feel free to come by the ol' Blog anytime! We're open 24 hours a day! Here's a cup of "Virtual Coffee" or whatever you prefer! Stay motivated!

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