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Monday, August 15, 2005

I met a friend for coffee last night

I met a friend of mine; Mike, last night and we grabbed a BOOTH! I haven't been able to FIT in a booth in over 10 years! As a matter of fact, I've avoided going to restaraunts that only had booths for years. The best part of all of this was not only did I fit, I fit COMFORTABLY! I didn't have to wedge myself in and I could even breathe! Well, we had a great natter and a few liters of coffee as neither one of us had seen each other for close to 10 years. I had'nt been able to hook up with Mike for the last couple of years because to put it frankly, I was too sick! Before that, I was living in Tennesee down in Chattanooga! It was a major logistical effort to go anywhere! All in all, the point of this post is a celebration of a new (To me, at least till recently!) freedom you skinny folk tend to take for granted! Mobility and access! By the way, I am not using skinny as a pejorative!


Peg said...

Wonderful how everything that yes, people do take for granted, is like a new and sparkling adventure!
Second chances allow that type of nostalgia to be relived in a light that everyone should stop and see instead of blocking it out by the everyday struggles of life!
Hats off to you sir! Continue on to enjoy all life gives!

semantic overload said...

Nothing like meeting an old friend, I must admit! There have been times when I havemet someone after such a long time, and so much has happened, that we quickly run out of things to talk about. Its odd, but it does happen.... you feel that there is so much to talk about coz it has been so long, but when you actually do start talking.... you realize that time as taken each of us in our own directions that it takes a while to reach a common ground from where you can starting being the friends we were once.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I've run into that before as well! Fortunately, in Mikes case, It was as if no time had passed at all! We still clicked like brothers and basically had to just fill each other in on events in the last almost 10 years! We were sorta stunned by the fact that Cap Gains tax sneaked into a conversation between US though![GRIN] Neither of us had ever though a thing like that would occur! I must say though, we still have common interests and that is the key!

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