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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rode again today!

Blue helmet is April and Grey helmet is today! See the difference?(Besides the oxygen that is!)

Well, it wasn't anywhere near the length of Thursday's ride, but it was still a ride! I rode down to the levee for a cup of coffee at Panera's. Rode around the WL trail system again, logged 28 miles today! Here is today's pic compared to my April ride pic, see if you can tell the difference! By the way, I burned 5640 calories today riding! My weigh in this week by the way: I lost another six pounds! Total loss is 218 pounds!


Peg said...

Wow!! There is a big difference!! And 28 miles, is sure a long way to go! Glad to hear you are doing well!!
Will you still ride while you are going to school? And what do you do in the winter?
You are doing excellent, my friend!
Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

Hey T...
Sounds like you are doing well .Will you be able to make it on the 28th at warsaw? There is a good group of guys going, around 8 to 10 of us rum village riders.I plan to leave home around 7 am.I have really been training for the 12 hour race riding every day either on the road or at rum village.I really hope to get a team together.I put a post up on the nimba and the mtbr site and have got no responce for it yet, still got plenty of time to get a team together. well gotta go let me know whats up.


Anonymous said...

me again...
nimba has a chat room ,if you see me on line send me a p.m. and goto www.nimbabike.org/trailhead. I will be around saturday night.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Peg, I'll be riding a roller stand on my bike inside in the Winter or out and about weather allowing! One of the nice things about a mountainbike is TRACTION TIRES! I also have a spare rear wheel with a slick on it to ride the rollerstand with! As to the riding while going to school? Yes I will, I have an obligation to myself to continue training and if you can't keep a promise to yourself, you can't to anyone else either! I will have to organize my time, and I won't be able to ride as long during the week at a time, but I'll keep the miles up!

Big Scott, I still intend to be in Warsaw the 28th if possible. It just depends on how much schoolwork I have as far as my ability to be there goes! I will definately be riding the Endurance ride on Oct 1 though! No doubt about it! Either with a team or solo if no-one else! All I gotta do is get lights on my bike for the dark times of the ride! I won't be the fastest rider, that's for sure, but I'll finish it!

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