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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have some before, and after pics here!

These are before, a month ago, now and before again. dates are 3/11, the beginning of July, late mid July and 3/11/2005 again! See the difference it has made? I hereby certify that all the images are of me! The befores are at St Vincent Hospital in Carmel, IN! Note the wheelchair in the befores, I could barely stand up much less walk more than 50', now I can ride a 30 mile day on my bicycle on a good day!


Peg said...

T, am so glad you are who you are and do/did what you do/did! You looked not only very unhealthy but very uncomfortable! You had enough love for yourself to turn your life completely around and that in itself is an accomplishment! Add changing your eating habits, etc. and you have scaled what most have sought to be impossible! You are a hero among many and a symbol of the beginnings of a healthy life and a new perspective on life itself! I wish you so much goodness and blessings for a long and healthy, prosperous life, but I just know you ain't never gonna need them wishes!! :-}

God Bless you, T!

kris said...

You have alot to be proud of. Keep up your good work, and congratulations!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

A big thank you to both Peg and Kris for their kind words!

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