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Monday, August 22, 2005

I did my FIRST DAY of College today!

I just finished my first day of school today! The first one in 30 years! The biggest irony to today is I am required to take the course "Introduction to Microcomputers![EVIL GRIN]
I think i should have no problem with this class other than avoiding falling asleep! Shoot, I use Linux, Unix, DOS, and know several obsolete languages like KOBOL and FORTRAN as well as programming in Basic, visual Basic, Java and the Borland Language set! I just don't have any certs in them! Oh well, I will probably find weaknesses that I never even thought of since I am more or less self taught on the computer! I imagine it'll do me some good!

My sweatshirt;by the way, is a 2X! I'm down from size 8X in March! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

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Peg said...

Hi T!! Glad your first day was a success!! And I know now for sure you and my hubby would get along just fine!!
By the way, the shirt looks good on you!!
Gearing up for the girls, their first day is Thursday!! No more sleeping in.

kris said...

Congratulations! You look just like any other college student. :)

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