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Friday, August 05, 2005

I have news!

I rode the NW Greenbelt Trail today out to Hadley Lake in West Lafayette round trip as well as around Hadley on the "Outlaw MTB trail"! That gave me a total of 10.2 miles and here is the kicker! I did it without OXYGEN!(The crowd cheers!) This was a major accomplishment for me! My heart rate didn't exceed 116-120 either! WOOHOO! I guess I've come a long way, Baby! Just think, I just got out of the wheelchair in April this year! I guess I am down to nighttime oxygen only now! At least I'm gonna try it! If I have problems, I can always start again if necessary! I must say, it was a relief getting that 15 pound monkey known as an oxygen tank off my back!


Peg said...

And a giantic pat is coming from Hermitage!! Yes, sireee, and the celebration is on tonight!! WOW!! You are truly making major accomplishments and have much to be proud of!! You just keep on giving the blow by blows and I'll keep a sitting on the sidelines and waving you on!!

Anonymous said...

I got your message on the Nimba site and we had a pretty good ride on Sat., then went to Hacienda afterwords to cool off with a couple of cold beers cause it was so hot. We like to get together afterward to talk about the ride. I read on your board your looking to put together a Baratric Mt. bike team. I would be interested if you have any openings, there is a race at Winona Lake on Sat. Oct. 1 - a 12 hour endurance race, teams of 4 guys each man rides 3 hours. More info at www.dinoseries.com! Sorry no camping available at Rum Village, were in the city you'd have stay at a hotel. When will you be in my hood, interesting in talking with you in person and trading stories, did you have trouble with your drainage tube?
Talk at you later, Big Scott

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Howdy Big Scott and welcome back! I'm looking at next year and I can promise you a slot on the team! Not a problem at all! We might not win the events we enter, but we will at least FINISH with honor!(Of course, winning will always be preferable!) As I mentioned, I am trying to fund a foundation to assist people with issues involving the surgery, I'm sure you remember the problems you most likely had with your insurance! I know I had problems with mine! I'm not soliciting donations, but will instead when we start racing, be using the team to publicize and seek sponsorship of said foundation! It'll be a volunteer effort on our part and hopefully it will assist thost that need and can't afford or those that have insurance problems or legal issues with their insurance! Tentatively, I am looking at mid August to be up in South Bend, so hopefully, if the good lord is willin' and the creeks don't rise, we'll meet up then!

To Cheesecake: You are a mean individual![GRIN] Posting a cheesecake recipe site on my blog, which is about weight loss! You evil person!

To Peg: Last but definately not least! Thanks for the caring words of support! They are truly appreciated!

Tom said...

Thats great man. Just remember to keep it fun. Push too hard and you'll start looking at the bike with dread.

Hmmmmm, oxygen bottle. Might be the thing I need to keep up with some of my SS friends. Will it fit in a camelback? Just kidding.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hey Tom, you ol' gorilla! I am keeping it fun! I had a blast, what can I say? I've turned into a cycling masochist! No pain, no gain!(Or loss to be more accurate!) I am achieving things I haven't done for 25 years and truly enjoy building and rediscovering my capabilities! A little muscle pain at the end of the day is a small price to pay! The big problem I have right now is everyone in my family seems to think I am made out of delicate crystal! I'm not going to push so hard I hurt myself or set myself back! I will push to the edge of my capabilities though. That is the way I have been recovering so fast! Think about it, you were chafing at having to wear your leg brace as long as your Doc was requiring! It's more or less the same with me, I am tired of the medical restrictions and am out to get my life back! I'm not going to downhill freeride yet, but single track CCX is well within my capabilities. Heck, I was keeping up with one of Purdue Cycle clubs Road racers on his road bike for over a mile on my mountainbike! This was one of those skinny little long muscled race atheletes too! I monitor my condition and generally have my wife within a few minutes with O2 and a cell phone standing by along with my cell I carry on the bike. I check my heart rate and keep it below my max rate of 130bpm and try to stay in the 115-125bpm range for a good cardio burn. I monitor blood O2 saturation constantly. You can tell your blood sat dropping below 90% by your nail color on your fingers, they turn faintly bluish in color. I use an electronic monitor at rest stops. In short, I really keep an eye on my physical condition while I ride!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Tom, before I forget, yes you can get an M cylinder of oxygen and it should fit a camelback! You need a prescription though!

Tom said...

Ain't it great that something thats so much fun is also good for ya.
Ok man, it sounds like you got a good handle on it.

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