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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I did another ride today!

Yuppers, I did anothe ride today, the NW Greenbelt again! This time I did three rounds in four hours including the "illegal" trail around the lake again! This was a total of 30.6 miles! I wanted to push myself to the absolute limit and I think I did! I haven't exercised til I threw up since Basic Training in the Army, and I just did that today in the last two miles! I kept my heart rate below 130(Barely!) and still no O2! Woohoo! Talk about an accomplishment! I can't believe I pulled it off! My Quads are killing me, and I know I will have to take at least a short ride tomorrow to avoid stiffening up! No pain, no gain! The temp was around 90 degrees and it was HOT! My do-rag I wear under the helmet was so wet, it felt like I had soaked it in a bucket of warm salty water! When I stopped to take a break, it was like that scene in "Bedazzled" where Brendan Frasers character is sweating so hard it looks like there is a faucet running! I must say, I had a ball and while I probably won't push that hard the rest of the week, I'm thinking about making that my Sunday ride goal at least once a week!


Anonymous said...

I rode a rum village today,I did 3 full loops, Had good time also ,but i didn't puke haha.
If you goto warsaw i can meet you there. I lived there when i had my surgery i know the town very well.
It sound like you are doing very well on your bike rides, I have been riding almost every day in the mornings before work at rum village.I look forward to riding at warsaw to learn the trail for the 12 hour race.
big scott

Tom Stormcrowe said...

What good is riding if you don't push it so hard you puke?[GRIN] I did find out you get the most incredible high from doing it! As I understand it, it happens because of the Endorphin dump that occurs because you just pushed so hard all you got left is Adrenalin pushing you! Hopefully, see ya in W#arsaw! I too want to learn the trail for Oct 1.

Anonymous said...

i hope you can make it to rum village on a Thursday nite b4 the Warsaw ride or maybe on a weekend morning so we can talk and get to know the trail at rum b4 your thursday night ride. there is a time trial coming up at rum also.
big scott

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I'm a tryin'! I definately want to get up there! Seeya soon, Scott!

Peg said...

GEEEEEZZZZ! Think you need to change your name to the Amazing Marathon Man!!! Holy smokes!! But T, you gotta think about that puking part especially when you are on a marathon (trail) and the other contsetants are slowly gaining on you!! (You know what I mean? ;-0}
You are amazing my friend! Getting time to throw the O+1+1 out the door!! Yehiiiiiiiii!!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Now you know my winning strategy, Peg! Make'm afraid to pass me no matter what![ENORMOUS EVIL GRIN]

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