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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Weighin Results

Well, I weighed today! I unfortunately only lost two pounds again this week! Ah well, I talked to the dietician and physical therapist and they advised me that the level of physical activity I've been keeping is building muscle and bone mass definately! All I can say is CRUD! Oh well, if I only lose 2 pounds a week, I'm still losing, so I won't get discouraged! I have about 100 pounds to go, and apparently those are going to be the hardest! I guess life without challenge would be boring! I'm looking forward to not being bored! On the school front, I will be carying 18 credit hours this semester, and I'm gonna be challenged to find time to ride. I will keep up with it though! I can always ride to school when weather permits! Cheaper on gas that way anyway! Ok, to the final tally on lost poundage: 212 pounds! See y'all later!


Corvo said...

Ran across your blog randomly and I just wanted to say congratulations and keep up the great work!! I work with a lady who underwent bariatric surgery two years ago, and she is doing fabulously.

Good luck with your race team and best wishes!

kris said...

Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, though I have to admit I've been lurking over here for a few weeks now. (you can thank PG)

I'm trying to lose weight myself, and you're a great inspiration. Keep up the great work, and try not to be bothered by the 2 lbs you lost this week. It really is great that you lost anything at all.

My weight loss has been a series of plateaus. I always seem to lose in little chunks, with long plateaus in between, but I tell myself that weight lost is still weight lost.

Don't forget to post some pictures of that snoopy dance! and, good luck with school.

kris said...

Sorry, I meant to thank Peg.

Peg said...

Hey there T!! I wish you would throw that scale out the window, though I know it is a vital part of losing weight!! You are really coming along and so what if it's not as fast it still is CONSISTENT and that's the key!!
School!! Can you believe it!! I gotta know how it goes for you, something I've been thinking about doing again; never hurts to upgrade!! ;-0}
Gotta run there fella, GREAT JOB!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hi Kris, and welcome to "The Amazing Shrinking Man"! Those plateaus you are experiencing are the "Body Index Points" I was talking about. You body hits them and says to itself, "Hey, Ive been here before and I'm comfortable!"
All you have to do is be patient and you will hit your own weight goals as well. I'm not getting discouraged, I use the Mock disgust with myself as a motivator! As to being an inspiration to you, glad to be of help! If there is anything you need, Research etc that doesn't require me to be a Doctor, just ask! I'll be glad to help or be a wailing wall for you if you get frustrated in your quest to lose weight!
To you Peg, you are a great source of support and encouragement to me! I appreciate it to no end! Look for "Snoopy Dance" pics here in October Y'all!

Plain Jane said...

Hang in there - 2 lbs a week is [according to physicans] a very healthy rate to lose weight. It allows your skin to keep its elasticity and doesn't dry out and turn terribly icky like an insta-weightloss would. It's just overall healthier for your body.

Keep up the good work!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I know, Jane! I appreciate the reminder! I just remember the heady days of losing an average of 53.6 pounds a month! I've been expecting a slowdown anytime! In addition, I'm doing strength training and other weight bearing exercise, as I said, so I'm also gaining muscle and bone mass! Muscle density =8X density of fatty tissue and bone =15X density! I'm not surprised about the slowdown. I'll be happy with my current rate and will probably have periodic spikes as I get through index points and move on to the next one!

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