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Monday, July 17, 2006

Winona Lake Trail
Saturday, as we know, I went mountain biking. I did a total of 40.8 miles up in Warsaw, Indiana at the Winona Lake Trail. If you are withing a hundred miles of this trail, it's worth the drive! The Winona Lake Trail is a truly nice single track trail that gets quite technical in many areas. I spent about 6 hrs riding this trail. As far as the temperature goes, it was about 95 degrees and truly mugly (There's a Hoosierism, mugly needs no definition if you've ever experienced it!).

Then we come to my “recovery” ride, yesterday! I set out for a little 20 mile recovery ride and wound up riding 75 miles! It just felt so good to be back on the road bike it just wasn't funny! I felt like I was gliding. Again, 95 and mugly, with no break from the sun. The loop I rode was out to Williamsport and back out through Battleground, Indiana and then home. I made my usual recharge stop at Panera's Bread on the Levee, where I had a bagel and some coffee. Hydration was definitely an issue yesterday, going through 6 liters of water, as well as a couple bottles of Ultra Fuel (Gaah, UF tastes like Listerine! It does keep me from bonking though!)

Spinner Report
Rider Miles
  • Arctic Jill 213.6
  • Uncle Dan 131
  • Big Mike 107
  • Juvenile Tim 88
  • Tom Stormcrowe 85
  • Gorilla 84
  • JP Smee 54.8
  • ShawnK 51.43
  • Tayfur Yagci 32
  • Dan On Bike 18
  • Group Total 864.83
Walkers Miles
I re instituted the Walker's chart to the Spinner report. Let's welcome Cee to the group, as she requested admission to our little bunch.
Walker Miles
  • Mrs Stormcrowe 10
  • Cee 6
  • ShawnK*** 4
****Carryover miles from last week
I'd like everybody to know, outstanding job this week, and lets keep it up!

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