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Monday, July 10, 2006

Spinner Saturday July 10

The Spinner Group turned some decent miles this week, with a total of 592.65 miles. I'm putting everybody in the table in order of miles for the week. I did manage a short three mile ride to get up to 56 miles for the week.
Rider Miles
  • Arctic Jill 174
  • Big Mike 156.9
  • Uncle Dan 74.25
  • Gorilla 60
  • Tom Stormcrowe 56
  • Dan On Bike 41.5
  • Juvenile Tim 30
  • ShawnK Walking:4/ Riding:0
  • Psycho 0
  • Yelme 0
  • JPSmee 0
  • Pernicious 0
Mrs Stromcrowe is HOME!
I am happy to say the Mrs is home and doing pretty well. The results of the biopsy aren't available yet, but the surgeon is rather optimistic. Right now, I gotta say, Mrs Stormcrowe has some pretty good drugs! She's relatively pain free and we're just happy she's home!


KleoPatra said...

Glad to know the missus is on track to be healthy soon. Sorry for what she's had to go thru, thankful she has you to lean on. Very wonderful...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That photo you thought was O'side is actually Pacific Beach. Not too far off... in the same county anyway!

Be well,

Mike said...

Tom, hope Mrs is getting better. Funny, I used to live in Indianapolis. First time I've actually had the time to visit your blog. Thanks for the congrats on mine. Lastly, how do I join your spinner group?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

She most assuredly is. We're still waiting on Biopsy results, but are hopeful. Post surgical recovery is really going well though!

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