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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spinner Saturday

What can I say? My miles for the week are way down! This week I have 53 miles in and not going to get any more this week at all!
Mrs Stormcrowe Update
Mrs Stormcrowe has done well in her surgery yesterday and now we play the waiting game. What was done was a video guided biopsy of the mass in her right lung. The initial biopsy results from the Bronchioscopic biopsy were inconclusive and they went in through the chest wall yesterday. She was up and walking a bit yesterday, much to everyones surprise, but then again, the Mrs always has been of tough mettle! If the chest tube comes out today, she may well be home tomorrow!


Tom said...

Man, I don't check up on ya for a while and your ladies back in the hospital.

Good luck to you and her buddy.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yeah, see what happens when yyou don't drop by? It's all your fault, I tell ya ::GRIN:: Looks like the Mrs gets out tomorrow, by the way! Cool, eh?

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