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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Spinner Report for July

The Spinner Report for July 31
Well, here it is, the end of July. Amazing how fast the year goes, isn't it? We enter the 8th month of the year tomorrow. So you all know, Saturday was the end of July's mileage, all miles yesterday on will be treated as August miles. Well, here are the statistics, in descending order.
Rider Miles
  1. Uncle Dan 193.5
  2. Arctic Jill 94.9
  3. Texas Mike 92
  4. Gorilla 87
  5. Big Mike 68.6
  6. Juvenile Tim 68
  7. Yelme 54
  8. ShawnK 38.25
  9. Tom Stormcrowe 25
  10. Mrs Stormcrowe 8
  11. Group Total for Week 752.75
  12. Month total 2963.58
Great Job, ALL!
It should be noted, by the way, that Tim passed 1000 miles this week on his Single Speed, so good job, Tim! Congratulations to Uncle Dan for being the top miler this week! Now for the Walker/Runners.
Walker/Runner Miles
  1. Cee 13.4
  2. Mrs Stormcrowe 12
  3. ShawnK 7.2
  4. Week Total 32.6
  5. Month Total 78.6
Great Job, Footies!Exercise Bike

By the way, for now to see the charts, go to my MSN Site, Blogger is giving me trouble uploading the images.I'll try again in them later.


mags said...


How's the training going?


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Going well, Mags! I'm doing Spinnervals on a short but steep hill to build my climbing and sprintout. Currently holding a 19-21 average on distances up to 50km now as well!

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