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Monday, July 24, 2006

Spinner Report, July 24

Spinner Report July 24
Soggy Bottom 100 Results
First order of business for the Spinner Report is to fill you in on Jill. Jill finished the Soggy Bottom 100 with a time of 13hrs 17 minutes and was only the second woman to EVER finish this race. Outstanding job, Jill! Drop by her blog and congratulate her if you haven't already!
Spinner Miles
  • Rider Miles
  • Arctic Jill 188.6
  • Texas Mike 135
  • Tom Stormcrowe 90
  • Juvenile Tim 73
  • JP Smee 72.49
  • Big Mike 51.7
  • Dan on Bike 51.6
  • Gorilla 33
  • Psycho 25
  • ShawnK 18.96
  • Uncle Dan 14
  • Group total for week 753.35
Great job people! I'd also like to welcome a new member to Spinner Saturday, Texas Mike. Some of you will have seen him popping in and commenting and some of you may read his blog! To separate him from Big Mike, I've given Mike the name Texas Mike, because he's from Austin, TX and part of the cycling scene down there. He's an avid racer and generally has a pretty cool blog to go and read!
Walker Data
  • Walker Miles
  • Mrs Stormcrowe 8
  • Cee 3
Good job to both of you! Keep it up!

1 comment:

Peg said...

Congrats to you all!!!!

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