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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mrs Stormcrowe Back in Hospital

Hello all, I'm going to be a bit busy to post so just remember to shoot me your miles for Spinner tomorrow! I'll be at hospital visiting my wife. She just had a surgical biopsy done on a mass in her right lung, and is doing well after the surgery this morning. She's in quite a bit of pain and very groggy, but other than that, she's doing quite well. I'll try to check in and update tomorrow so until then, keep riding!

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CactusFreek said...

I hope your wife is ok. When i read this entry, the first thing i thought of was, " gee, i hope she's not a smoker. Coughing afterwards would really hurt!". Isn't that a crazy thing to think?? Hope both of you are doing ok.
I'd love to do the mountain bike thing, but at the moment i'm just far too fat for a bike seat! The amount of weight i put on my butt while sitting on the bike, it just hurts my tail bone. Even after i bought the biggest, softest, cushiest seat i could find, i still have to wait a while. But i'm looking forward to it :o)
Hugs for the missus :o)

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