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Friday, July 14, 2006

Spinner Saturday for July 15

Spinner Saturday *early posting so I can go mountain biking
Welcome to the Spinner Saturday for July 15! My miles are really low this week due to Mrs Stormcrowes hospitalization over last weekend and subsequent recovery at home. For those of you that are interested, she's doing very well. The total miles I have so far are 45, but I am currently out mountain biking in Warsaw, Indiana at the Winona Lake Trail, assuming conditions are good! I am pre-writing this article, as you can see.

Oil Free and Happy
I came across a site that is rather interesting, called Oil Free and Happy. The site address is http://home.comcast.net/~oil_free_and_happy/index.html . This site promotes cycling as an alternative form of transportation. Jim is committed to a bike as transportation as well as other Green Technologies.

To quote site founder Jim Gagnepain:
Being a politically active individual, I often write my elected representatives to voice my opinions about our automotive and oil-centered economy. Often, I get replies that argue that we should not have to "Sacrifice our American Lifestyle for the Environment". I have been commuting by alternative transportation for many years, and I find it much more pleasant to relax and read my favorite book on the light rail, than to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hour.

Definitely drop by, it may be a small site, but he has some interesting links as well as a gallery of art focused around alternative transport.

Tour de France
Floyd Landis has retained the yellow jersey even though he finished behind the Ukrainian cyclist, Yaroslav Popovych in Stage 12 today. Landis is considered most likely to be the tour champion this year as things currently stand.

Popovych winning today did move him up in the standings from 23rd to 10th. Наилучшие пожелания к Yaroslav Popovych для его точного представления сегодня!
(Congratulations to Yaroslav Popovych for his fine performance today!)

Remember to turn in your miles, either by email or in my comments so I can get you entered in the database for the week! Until Monday, when I post the data you send me, have a great weekend and keep riding!

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