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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thought I'd tell You About One of My Favorite Virtual Hangouts!

Bike Forums! This forum is one of my haunts in the virtual world....

It's full of fun folk and loaded with info on everything bicycle! Whether you ride an alternative bike, a bent, or a more traditional roadie, or a mountain bike, this place is the place to go! You'll find me hanging around in Clydesdale's Subforum, Advocacy and Safety, Politics and Religion, and most especially, Foo!

The URL is http://www.bikeforums.net

1 comment:

A Midnight Rider said...

Sorry. Belay my last if you get it.
I post at bikejournal.com. In the "How was your commute today".

I used to be a regular in the forums, but don't go there much anymore.

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