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Thursday, March 29, 2007

5 reasons I blog

Well, Shawn tagged me a while back in one of those memes. I just found it yesterday searching my back links (I haven't been visiting as regularily as I should, school stuff is keeping me busy!). I am supposed to list 5 of the reasons I blog. Well, here goes:
  1. First and strongest reason, I have fun doing it
  2. It sharpens my writing skills
  3. I use blogging as a reinforcer of my weight loss as well as my training
  4. I use blogging to act as a reinforcer for others weight loss as well as their training.
  5. I express my fanaticism about cycling in a way that doesn't drive my family to drink or drugs!
And now, who to tag......

Uncle Dan

Dan on Bike

The Historian

and you!

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Fritz said...

Hey Tom, I ran across this story on Digg. "A man who three years ago was so obese he could barely walk is on a bike ride to fight obesity.

Seth Margolies left La Jolla yesterday on his 3,000 mile journey to teach people across the country about weight loss. Since losing the weight, through gastric bypass surgery, Margolies has dedicated his life to helping others fight obesity. Margolies will bike through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana."

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I wish him the best! Thanks for the link!

Dan said...

My response is here

(The captcha phrase on this comment sounds like a Web 2.0 service - "gigizr")

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