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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Raleigh is HOME!!!!!!

Here it is, in all it's glory! This is a showroom condition 1988 Raleigh Pursuit. It still has the original tires in great shape! I don't think there are 5 miles on this bike! $20.00 in a yard sale! It rides sweet, too!


Christa said...

Wow...and it's RED :D:D

Tyler's Story said...

Nice bike Tom!

Hey, now that I am commuting, can I join spinner Saturday? :)

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Christa, yuppers, it's red and I am quite happy with it!

Tyler, you could have joined Spinner Saturday anytime! The short answer is .....YES!

Peg said...

Okay so it is a real pretty red!!
;-0}...great deal too!! Happy riding!!!

Dale said...

it's a nice bike! i'm just googling the bike name since i bought one very recently at the local tip here in the UK for £8!!! Can you believe it!! Needed a little maintenance but rode it for the first time today... and now it needs more maintenance - i burned up a whole brake block just coming down a hill, guessing that's to do with the brakes not having been used for a while, hope so anyways...

gonna pop to the shop for some more tomorrow.

happy riding, and racing!

Dale (www.inmylife.co.uk)

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