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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The first Spinner Saturday of Summer

Larry Niven summed it up best with his acronym TANJ! "There ain't no justice"! Here it is, the first Saturday of Summer Break, and I wake up at 5:45 AM! Well, it's Spinner Saturday and it's time to report the miles, so here goes.... My miles AND Mrs Stormcrowe as well this week thus far: 10 miles We got a nice little 10 miler in Friday afternoon. This won't be the cap for me, I'll be riding some today and tomorrow I'm trying for a century. Well, I'm all kitted out and getting ready for breakfast and coffee. Til Monday, have a great one and when you turn in the miles, seperate last weeks and this weeks miles, so I can keep the graphs accurate between April and May.


Christa said...

I assume that means that the Mrs is doing much better?
Hope your weekend is a good one :D

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Wow! I literally JUST put that up and was viewing the end product and saw your comment, Christa! :D Thanks and Yes she is, antibiotics are wonderful things when used right!

Christa said...

hehe...I'm fast ;)
Good to hear that she's doing better and yes, antibiotics is a blessing when it works.

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