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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For Those Who Served (Pasted from Cold Fury-Al Maviva)

This is a direct copy/paste of the article composed by Al Maviva, and I really wish I could write this well!
For those who served and gave all, I offer a prayer of thanks. For those who served and gave some, I offer my gratitude. For those who still serve, I fly the flag and remind you that we support you, we commend the invaluable service that you are rendering to this nation, and we honor the sacrifices that you make on our behalf. I also remind you that today is not our day, a day of the living, but a day to remind ourselves of the selfless example set by those who fell in battle, preserving our way of life so that you and I could enjoy it today. It is to them we owe our principle gratitude. Still, many words of thanks are due to you, our fellow citizens, who are only human, but in answering the nation’s call rise above mere humanity and make a contribution of enduring value. The flag below isn’t waved out of hollow sentiment; I know what it symbolizes and what it means to you and to those who have served before, the lines straight and true, the stars bright and shining. Long may she wave, and may you ever keep the shoes of those who came before us well filled. We walk in the footsteps of giants, and in doing so can hope to emulate them. On behalf of myself, Mike, Joe, Mikey, Christiana and the rest of the CF crew, thanks for upholding her wherever you’ve gone, for bending every effort to bring only honor to her and to the nation, and thanks for doing the rest of us proud. -Al Maviva

This article is linked to the original posting, just click the headline.

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