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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yes, here it is, finals week! Looking good over all, but I still hate finals. I think I'm allergic to math, by the way! Every time I take a math test or quiz, I start with a runny nose and sneezing by question 10! Botched, is there anything to this little postulate? Possibly a new allergy to add to the DSM?

I can see it now:
Mast cell and basophil activation by immunoglobulin triggered by exposure to an environment containing such allergens as equations and theorems. How about Pythagorosal Sensitivity Histamine Reaction Syndrome? (If my Math Prof sees this, she'll roll out of her chair laughing!) Ironically, it's only math tests that do this to me. I've tried sitting near other people instead of the person I usually sit near, so it's not her perfume! I believe that can be eliminated. All I can say is that I guess I really am allergic to mathmatics! It might make for an interesting federally funded study, eh? I've seen far more frivolous studies!
By the way, let me know what you think of the multimedia I have below!

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