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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Lost My Hosting Site!

See that word.....banned? It's not because of any TOS violation! It's because I exceeded their bandwidth available! Anybody have a suggestion for a hosting site for my images that won't ban me for exceeding 1.3 terabytes usage?


Christa said...

hehe...1.3 terabytes?
I think you would need a business account - at least - on any webhost to use that kinda bandwith without being banned.
The only good advice i have is to take down images that is not really in use anymore since they will still load in the background whenever your blog is loading, and thereby cause the bandwidth to go up.

Unknown said...

I'm actually going to break my image hosting up between several servers. I've had a couple of offers for hosting services and they are much appreciated! I've got it figured, if I spread my images over 7 separate servers, I should be ok! I have to admit, I didn't expect the response I got this week over at my MSN site, that's where the bandwidth issues originated. I would have loved to see the faces over at the xs site when they got a load of last weeks traffic though!

Christa said...

Oh I know what faces like that looks like...haha
Well, good luck :)
Oh...and there's a cd with Linux Ubuntu in the mail for your today so you "should" recive it before Christmas :)

Unknown said...

Tell Wulf I said thanks very much! :D

Christa said...

Will do :)

Yokota Fritz said...

Tom, I just host all of images on Flickr. TOS allow (even encourage) hot-linking photos on other sites so it works perfectly for me, plus it provides another avenue of Web 2.0 social networking :-) This is my Flickr pool -- click on the photos with comments and you'll get an idea of how powerful and useful Flickr is.

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