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Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 Things

OK, Fritz, over at Cycle-liscious has tagged me! The point of this is to tell you 5 things about me that you don't know! You'd think it'd be easy, considering!

  1. I was married on Christmas Eve
  2. My birthday is in two days.....Dec 23rd
  3. I was a truck driver, running coast to coast for more than 20 years.
  4. I used to be a cabdriver
  5. I have changed my major from Nursing to Psychology!
And I tag Peg, Christa, Tayfur, Daniel, and Dan on Bike!

Pass it on to 5 more bloggers

Now, for some pics of the Monon Trail, in Indy.

Monon TRail Trailhead in Carmel, Rohrer Road

Mrs Stormcrowe on the recumbent!It's funny, actually, I ride piece of classic steel in excellent shape, actually, it's a beautiful lug frame touring bike and SHE gets the attention on her 'bent!
Life ain't fair! (Actually, I get a big kick out of it because it reinforces her happiness in riding!)
At the trailhead

On the Monon!

Well, I have to run, we're in the last stages of getting ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas and see ya later!Christmas Reindeer


Dan said...

OK, I filed my list.


Fritz said...

Cool; happy birthday and happy anniversary! Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

lol...you sure collected some anniversaries around the same time of the year...both your birthday and your wedding day. Easy to remember that way ;)

And I can imagine you being a truck driver. Must have been a part of what made you gain so much weight. A lot of sitting down. Same for cab drivers.

So you've decided to go into psychology instead? Can't argu with you about that. I find that far more interesting than nursing actually.

Nice piccies too :D

I'll do this either shortly before the holidays or between xmas and newyear :)

Happy birthday in before hand if I'm not around when it happens...and happy anniversary as well :D

:hugs: to both of you :D

Peg said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

And I think Psych is a GREAT change of career!! You WILL be GREAT!!!! And the world sure could use YOU!!!

Have a Merry Christmas to you both...won't be on for awhile as the Trojans are out in full bloom and have attacked with full force...See ya soon!!!!

Sail on, T and reach as high as you can!!!

all my love,

klank said...

I feel convinced ;)

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