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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spinner Saturday for August 5, 2006

Well, today was the first Spinner Saturday for the month of August. My miles for the week are way down, I rode 24 miles. Part of the reason for this is I am tapering for next weekends event, Race2Replace. Another reason is that Mrs Stormcrowe has officially resumed cycling and isn't at the stage where she can ride very far yet, with about a 5 mile limit. I ain't complainin' either! It ought to be remembered, just over a month ago, the Mrs was in hospital with lung problems, so I am extremely proud of the progress she's made! Mrs Stormcrowe has 19 miles in this week, so if you feel like it, chime in and encourage her, she's in that stage right now where she's a bit frustrated and thinking she's slowing me up, and doesn't realize that to me, it's the ride, not how fast I get there! Don't get me wrong, riding fast and hard is one of my chief joys, but riding with my wife participating is more important to me than any speed run, and when we are able to find her something a bit more roadworthy than the Trike she's currently riding, then her pace and speed will pick up, I am sure. Right now, she's doing these miles on an old three speed adult trike that weighs in at around 50 pounds, give or take a tad, so kudos to her, the rolling resistance alone requires at least twice the power to go half the speed! Well, that's it folks! Send me your miles and walking/running miles everybody. Have a great one and stay active, every minute you're off the couch and on the bike is two minutes longer you'll live! *The attached photos are the NW Greenbelt Trail in WestLafayette along with a terrain profile of the path.


Carolyn said...

That is so nice you take time to help her with her biking too :) I hope she continues to improve. She'll be out there riding the wind w/you in no time!

Unknown said...

That's what we're hoping for!

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