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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Spinner Saturday for Aug 19, 2006

Today, I recieved an email from a lady named Debbie. Yes, I did get your email! Thank you for the very kind words, and as far as those words go, well, that's part of the reason I do this. The other reason is to keep my motivation going as well. Obesity is an insidious disease that sneaks up on you for a variety of reasons, from behavioral to physiological. Dieting isn't really an answer on the long term though, at least not on it's own! Physical activity is a great help in combination with a change to healthier eating habits. If you diet, you are punishing yourself! It's all in the perception on your choices! I had bariatric surgery, because I was in a situation where if I had'nt gone the route I did, I would have probably been dead.

Diet vs Healthier Life Choices
As I mentioned above, when you diet, you are punishing yourself. Choosing to eat in a healthy and sane manner though, is most decidedly not. You are rewarding yourself with a longer and healthier life. Add in the activity of your choice, be it riding a bicycle, swimming, walking or running, well you have the recipe for fun as well as improving your life. One point, if you are diabetic, or severely obese, or on heart medication, you should definately have your doctor in the loop. The main reason for this is as your activity goes up and your weight goes down, there will likely be adjustments made in your medications, possibly even eventually eliminating these meds. How would that feel? Ask yourself that. Another question to ask yourself is "Would I like to be able to walk through the park with my children and not wheeze and gasp?" Insert you particular physical activity in place of walking, by the way.

I have a number of tools on my sidebar for calculating your caloric burn, by the way. One from the West Virginia Dietetic Assoc, and one from Kreuzotter. Use them in good health!

Spinner Saturday
I had another light week this week, at 38 miles. School prep is eating my time! I start on Monday for fall semester. Mrs Stormcrowe tallies in this week with 28 miles for herself. Time to get the miles in folks! The graphs go up on Monday evening! Until then, get off the couch and start living again!

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Fritz said...

Good stuff there, Tom.

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