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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spinner Saturday, Delayed due to Technical Issues

The Spinner Report....Delayed, due to ISP issues!
Sorry about the delay in getting the report out, but my internet got knocked out yesterday by someone running over a junction box and taking down the entire neighborhoods internet and cable! Without further ado, here is the report! The order is, as usual, descending in miles.

Rider: Miles
  • Uncle Dan: 140
  • Texas Mike: 97
  • Dan on Bike: 74.8
  • Big Mike: 67.2
  • Arctic Jill: 67.2
  • Tom Stormcrowe: 38
  • Tayfur: 30
  • Mrs Stormcrowe: 28
  • Juvenile Tim: 26
  • ShawnK: 24.49

Our Walkers
  • Walkers: Miles
  • Cee: 17
  • Mrs Stormcrowe: 8

Well, there it is, and keep it up all! You have nothing to lose but your body fat!

Quick Note, the internet is back up, but I haven't had time to generate the chart images. They'll be up after classes today!

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