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Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm On my Backup Computer!

This old antique has a Linux Distro for the OS. It's kind of cool, because with the Linux, this old PII, 450 MHZ is running like it's twice as fast as far as load time! Here's a screenshot of my Linux desktop. It's clean, isn't it? Not all crowded like a Windows desktop environment! The GUI is the Gnome Desktop, by the way. This is an older Distro coded "Hoary Hedgehog". Ubuntu uses these odd names, but it works! I still have some config issues and I'm working through them. I did find one thing out, MSN Live Spaces is NOT linux friendly, imagine that! Never heard if such a thing! If you are interested in Linux, this posts headline is a link to Ubuntuor just click here

1 comment:

Dan said...

I've got a dual boot thing on my machine with both XP and Ubuntu - Dapper Drake (v6.06). I haven't used the Linux side much lately because I have never been able to get the sound to work well.

BTW, MSN Live Spaces isn't that friendly with Firefox on Windows either. I can't seem to login to make a comment there.

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