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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Spinner Saturday for August 12, 2006

Saturday Evening Post Race2Replace
I was at Race2Replace today. I didn't do as well as I hoped, but not as badly as I feared either! This was my first experience in a road race environment, Race2Replace was called a Time Trial, but it was organized more like a Crit. It was mass start, in age groups with an hour to complete 25 miles....10 laps around the Brickyard. I completed the 10 laps, but was over the hour, at 62min:47.5secs. This was my first time riding in a “pack” or a paceline and I really enjoyed the experience. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, by the way, makes a great Velodrome! The track surface is grooved, along the direction of travel and smooth as a 20 year Scotch! Tire grip is incredible and the turns are nicely banked. You feel like you are riding on rails riding at speed, and fly through the turns!
Lap Led by Lance
The lap led by Lance section of the event expanded into two laps, with Lance giving quite a few riders the “High 5” at the end of the two laps. I really enjoyed this part, but found it interesting being on the track with 800 other riders! Talk about a pack! It felt like a really slow Cat5 race with a whole lot of riders! I tried to move up in the pack and got ahead of most of the riders until I got up with the “Hard Core” roadies jostling to get caught up to Lance. There were a couple of hundred of these guys and gals riding in a huge bunch. I did see him up ahead, but couldn't get any closer until the very end when I got my High 5 from him after he turned around and rode back along some of the riders. When I got home this afternoon, I did get to see myself on the news, by the way, riding through the camera field during the news spot about The Lap with Lance. I was the guy in the Yellow jersey.....I know, big help! There were probably 600 yellow jersey's in the bunch!
My Miles for the week
My miles for the week are:
  • 35 today, 25 in the race, 5 riding the Lap with Lance that turned into 2 laps
  • 25 with Mrs Stormcrowe through the week
This brings my weekly miles to 60. Time for your miles all, and I'll have the Graphs and Tables up Monday as usual! Until then, have a great one, I am bushed!

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