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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Spinner Report for Aug 14, 2006

The Spinner Data
Here are the results of this weeks Spinner Saturday. Overall mileage for the group is 572.78 miles. I'm posting the results in descending order of miles. Rider Miles
  • Uncle Dan 113
  • Arctic Jill 76.1
  • Texas Mike 74
  • Dan on Bike 71
  • Tom Stormcrowe 60
  • JP Smee 59.75
  • Psycho 30
  • Yelme 30
  • Mrs Stormcrowe 25
  • Juvenile Tim 6

And Our WalkersWalkerMiles
  • Mrs Stormcrowe 15
  • Cee 9
  • Juvenile Tim D 6

Big Mike, unfortunately, turned in the big goose egg as far as miles go, but given the fact that he is now wearing a third hat as a Physics Math Tutor as well as his other job, and a full time college (Mike wants to be a teacher), as well as being an excellent Dad, sometimes riding just has to take a back seat!

Lance in the “Lap Led by Lance”

While we were waiting for the staging for the lap to finish up,I was talking to several of the riders around me. One thing that one of the riders kept saying was how “arrogant” Lance is. I didn't see him as arrogant, he was quite gracious to the cyclists around him. Yes, he is a competitive rider and there is a certain measure of arrogance inherent, just like that in a fighter pilot! Lance didn't display this side at all at the event, and was quite supportive and encouraging of the riders around him. I suspect that a lot of the perception of his “arrogance” stems from the fact that he lives in the public eye and has demands on him all the time. It's hard to live there, because people tend to either idolize you or demonize you if you dare to disappoint them and actually act like a human being does. Think about this side of his life the next time some of you go to call him an arrogant jerk. Good on ya, Lance, for starting up the Livestrong Foundation and doing the job you are doing for the fight against Cancer.


Peg said...

Hi T and Mrs. T!! Wow!! You guys are sure doing great!! Looking good too!! My daughter and I started walking and we are up to about 3 to 4 miles. Am trying to start going regularly instead of hit and misses.
I'll let you know how well we do!!
And neat pics you posted!! You and the Mrs. are looking mighty fine there sporting your yellow Tees!!
Looking like all is well!! And they way it should be, Amen!! :-0}

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yuppers, we're doing well! Thanks and it was a blast!

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