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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, Another Four Pounds!

I los another four, bringing the total up to 190 so far! Not as good as I wanted, but I'll take it. I had a bad week, not as active as I should have been, Mom, you know a good part of the reason! I didn't want to be too far from the phone![GRIN] A lot of stress through the week, but nothing I can't handle! Unfortunately though, it slowed my metabolism down a bit. It couldn't be helped though, I'll just have to do better next 7 days!


Anonymous said...

Something is telling me that next week, you will be greatly surprised. Take my word on it, I have a good line on the one person that does know what will happen. I am glad that your mother is well. I am also glad that it was not as severe that was thought. Just remember in this time of stress that you have to think of yourself also. Do that my friend and all will turn out fine.

Your friend always

Peg said...

*Peg's Clapping* I am very proud of you! Okay so you didn't lose what you wanted, but I think more importantly is that you hadn't gained either!
Good Job, my friend! Sailed through the stormy waves and onto new fresh new waters!!
Keep sailing on!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks to both of you! I appreciate it!

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