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Monday, July 11, 2005

Recovering from the weekend!

Well, I had a busy weekend! I went home to Lake Wawasee in Northern Indiana! I'll tell ya, I had a blast. My Aunt and Uncle hosted my wife and myself for the weekend and among other things, I got some swimming in! Pictures are from Wawasee that include my Aunt waterskiing, the house I grew up in and the floating church service on Sunday morning. I'm still pooped from the weekend! Some triumphs included in the weekend were making it up and down the stairs to the lake. It's a LONG,STEEP stairway! Also just getting in and out of the boat was a triumph!
As I said, I truly enjoyed myself and I only wish my legs wouldn't hurt so much! AH WELL, I guess I need to go for a ride to work out the kinks! By the way, I figured out my approximate calorie burn for the weekend. It was about 7300 calories burned with about 741 calories intake. Adjusted burnoff was 6559 calories. Anyone care to guess what my weigh in will reflect Wednesday?


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend, Tom. Sure enjoy seeing the pics of the two lake houses, especially our old house in this posting. Cause for nostalgia. Keep up the good work and you made a great decision in applying for RN. You will make a great nurse - you have the caring personality needed and also the smarts.
Big Momma

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Mom!

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