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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I think I might be plateauing! AAAAAAAAARGH!

I weighed today and I only lost two pounds! CRAP! I hope I'm not plateauing! I guess it's time for my mean faced picture til I get some loss going again! I'm not eating more or differently and I am keeping up the activity! I've even added swimming to my routine! I wonder if I am picking up muscle weight as I drop the fat, because my butt and gut are smaller! Hopefully this won't last long and I'll get on the rapid loss wagon again!


Peg said...

Even if you are plateauing, you will only be there for a time and besides you still lose inches! Do not worry and let your body do its natural thing!

You may only rest for awhile
and then you're picking up the pace
remember this is your life you know
and not some formal-type race
You are pointing in the right direction
You are geared up to win this time
And you will my friend most surely
For it's written in this rhyme
So relax and don't push at the scale
It can be an enemy or a friend
and sail on through the highs and lows
No matter how they will end
for you've beaten the best and are winning
your path is straight away
your life is forever "enriching"
day after the sweetest day

Take Care and don't fret I know you'll get there yet!!
all my love,

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Peg! I appreciate the support!

Peg said...

WOW!! An F-1!! Glad all is well!! We had a brush only with a tornado that hit 2 streets over from us! We too, lost power but that was all! The girls and I went on foot around the neighborhood helping out if it was needed! It is not a memory that is soon forgotten and anytime I hear of a tornado touching down it floods back in!
I am always thankful when I hear the good news, such as yours!!

Anonymous said...

As the mouse said to the cat. A little off the top please. Always remember my friend I am here in the never to know world.

Your friend always

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Peg, thanks for the wonderful support and to you my unknown friend, you are always welcome here!

Anonymous said...

I replied to anther article further down by mistake. I too had the Roux-n-Y procedure it will be 3 years in January, I lost around 200lbs! I had bad back, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. all the usual symtoms of a big fat guy. I probably wouldn't have live to see 35 if I kept going the way I was. I maintain a current weight of around 200lbs. I have been seriously mountain biking in the last year, I ride at Rum Village every Thursday and sometimes on weekends. All the guys on the Nimba site are pretty good guys and we really encourage new members and the occational rider too. Were do you ride at and have you ever been to Rum Village in South Bend? Nimba website is a good communication tool between rides check us out anytime. Hope to see you out there. You can find me at the Nimba site - Contact me my username is Big Scott.

Tom said...

You gotta be gaining muscle. I'm not sure on your state previous to the operation but I think you mentioned you were wheelchair bound. Sheet, I'd think you'd double your leg muscle alone. (Just guessing).


Tom Stormcrowe said...

That'a pretty much the conclusion I've come to, Tom, as well as bone mass gain as I am now doing weight bearing exercise as well. As a matter of fact, I am now maxing out the lateral leg press(Of course, it maxes at 250 pounds!) and I don't even burp up the heart rate or break a sweat til about 50 reps! My bench press reps are up by about 20% as well now weight and frequency wise as well as overheads and pec curls! I guess I'm not going to worry til I flatten out to zero weight loss for a week or two!

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