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Friday, July 15, 2005

I took a nice ride today!

I rode my bike out to Fort Quiatanon from the levee today! It was't a bad ride! It's about four miles of gently rolling terrain out South River Road. The little hills were a killer for me! I did, however; manage to ride up them without getting off to walk the bike up them! If you know the road, you need to remember, I was in a wheelchair in March! This is definate progress for me. An aside here! I put Geax Evolutions on my bike(Tires) and they have certainly reduced the rolling resistance as well as road buzz through the handlebars. They also are a kevlar core tire, so they reduce the risk of road damage to the tires and reduce the risk of flats! I love these tires!
My wife is complaining that she can't keep up with me!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My friend, she may not want to go as fast as you are. You will go far with what you want to get done. I want to commend you on the ride. I would never be able to go that far. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.
Your friend always.

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