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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And the Answer Is.........? (New Weigh in!)

Well, I weighed in today. I had a slow week re/ weight loss. I only lost 4 pounds! Oh well, it's still going down. I guess it's time to up the physical activity again! See ya in a week, same "Shrinking Man" time, same "Shrinking Man" website! By the way, the cumulative total is 175 pounds!


Stef said...

Hey thanks for your comments. I have a reader from outside my (very) small circle of friends. Ha ha. Am blessed. Good luck with the shrinking.

Brett said...

Wow!!!! You are doing an awesome job, and it looks like you are having fun doing it. Keep it up, you're an inspiration for me to get back on my bike again after a few year hiatus.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks to both of you, Brett, and Steff! By the way, Steff, any good mountainbiking in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

As always I see success in the future for you in everything that you do. Keep up this fantastic work you are doing. The bluebird of happiness is most definitely smiling on you. Big smiles and even bigger hugs.

Your friend always!

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