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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tour de Cure Update: Supersizedcycles Is Sponsoring My Ride!

Joan Denizot over at Supersized Cycles, an internet based Bicycle shop specializing in bikes for the larger rider has offered sponsorship for my Tour de Cure ride. She has offered a sponsorship of $25.00 on each bike sold from the beginning of this month to just before the Tour de Cure date. She offers bikes for rider up to 550 pounds bodyweight.

She carries several types of rides from a traditional upright cruiser to a really solid 9 speed city path bike styled like a mountain bike designed with the needs of a heavyweight cyclist in mind. This particular bike is called the "New Leaf", and is custom designed and built specifically for the heavier rider, specifically stating a 550 pound capacity.

You don't want to ride an upright because it's painful or you have back problems? Well, Joan also carries recumbents, both in bicycle type and trikes if you have issues with balance. If you want an electric assist bike, Joan also carries Zip bikes, which are quick and easy to ride!

We're still digging out from the Blizzard, by the way, so I have to keep this short. I'll post more storm images for the cleanup stage tomorrow sometime. Until then, keep pedaling and if you need a bike that is stressed for a rider of larger proportions, do visit Joan at her site and see the bikes she has from Workman, New Leaf, and Zip. I also have a link to her page in my resources block up above.

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