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Friday, February 02, 2007

Frigid Weather: Trainer Rant!

Here in the Hoosier State, the weather has been cold enough recently that the only miles I get right now are on the Gerbil wheel....I mean trainer! I'm so bored that I may just brave 4℉ and wind chill of -15 tomorrow for a short ride!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Spinner Saturday....time to report the miles, everybody!


uncadan8 said...

Do you have any of those battery powered socks? 'Cuz you're going to need them. I have discovered that riding in sub 40 degree weather leaves my knees hurting for days -- days that I could be riding on the trainer. So I just stick with trainer -- iPod, plasma TV and Chris Carmichael are my best friends. I'm off to go see them now.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Nope, 2 pairs of socks, inner pair orlon/nylon wicking foundations and outer is Merino wool. I wear knoskd, legwarmers the wife made me of Merino wool and windproofs on the outer layer. Top half is underarmor, jersey, Quarter zip fleece, and a double layer of windproofs. Face mask and Thinsulate Arctic ski gloves.

Peg said...

Hi T! Been out of commission lately between trojans and school!! Do me a big favor please, send me the info once more to send in a donation, okay? I will be in all day today as we have a temperature right now of -4 without the wind chill and they cancelled school. Doing some much needed catch up and will be on the computer from time to time. When you get a chance please send me that info to pay by visa, kay?
AND you be extremely careful cycling in this weather!! It is just to frigid out there to be breaking a sweat!!
hugs and raccoon coats to you,

Peg said...

PS T! Let It Be has now taken on a new meaning for me! Thanks for sharing!!


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks, Peg! ;)

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