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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Bloglog Denial of Service attack?

I think there was a denial of service attack on My Bloglog service today. I should warn you, don't click the link if you receive an email inviting you to coauthor a blog out of Belgium. I don't think it was that particular bloggers doing, and Bloglog is addressing the problem, just be aware! I made the mistake of clicking the link and for a while, I was receiving more email than I've received in a while! I also had a page called PCSpy pop up in my blogs authored list.

No spyware or Viruses were inserted into my computer either, the page was just too large to load, and believe me when I tell you, that takes a pretty big flood of data to do that!

This is what the email body looks like. I have removed the links for your security.

Hi Tom_Stormcrowe,

I would like to add you as a co-author of my MyBlogLog community below:

Blog/Site: Blog Memes (link removed)
MyBlogLog community:(Link Removed)

Your MUST click on the link below to accept this request:

(Link Removed)


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