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Thursday, December 01, 2005

#%$@ SNOW!

I was all mouth watering to ride this morning and it SNOWED! The roads were slick and I was gonna do it anyway, but my wife locked the bike to the closet door and hid the key while I was grabbing a cup of coffee this morning........something about not enough life insurance on me yet for me to kill myself!::GRIN:: Maybe before dark, roads are only wet now, if I can just find the KEY! In the meantime, the Governor of California wants to issue a statement on my blog, important social tool that it is! Update on my weight loss: I am now down by 305 pounds! How's that for cool!


Motherstormcrowe said...


Guess who Motherstormcrowe is. I am working on a blogsite. Move where I am, it's 78 degrees. Great job on exams. Still proud.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Congrats MOM! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

tayfur said...

hey T. congrats about the weight loss. I fi we keep losing weight like this there will be two more skinny-as-a-rail cyclists in the world next summer! :) Welcome to the Blogosphere Ma'am!

FatChick said...

Congrats on the continued weight loss success! You are an inspiration. I'm down 1.6lbs. this week, YAY!

~ Fat Chick

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks, Tayfur! I appreciate it!
FFC, thanks much! Woohoo and congrats back at ya!

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