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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dealing with the After Effects of Morbid Obesity

Something you need to know! As we know, I had the Roux-N-Y procedure gastric bypass performed in March this year. There are some surprising side effects of this process. The best one is that as your metabolism ramps up from losing weight, you just plain feel better and FAR more energetic. If you've been following my blog, you know that as late as April this year, I was in a wheelchair as I couldn't stand or walk any length of time due to my weight. Just a little reminder here as to where I was and where I am now in the pictures I am posting here. They are both me! My before and current pictures as a comparison.

Before is above, This was in March this year

After is below, this was Thanksgiving this year

If you are considering Bariatric Surgery, you should be aware that there are risks associated with it. Weigh these risks carefully and decide if you want to continue the path you're on, or get your life back and do more than just exist! Research your surgeon and don't be afraid to ask what their mortality rate is, this is one of the risks! It's about 1 in 200, incidentally. There are other aspects as well, such as being on vitamins and supplementsd the rest of your life. To me, it's a small price to pay though, because I've gone from a wheelchair to a mountainbike and college to study nursing. I am thankful for this each and every day. If you are reading this and you either need to consider this OR know someone who does, I encourage you to get them to read my blog from front to back and see the story. If you are thinking about the surgery, I can only encourage you! Be responsible to get your life back.


tayfur said...

that surgery is a hard one to deal with afterwards. invasive procedure which leaves you on meds for a long time. it should be considered carefully, if anyone is advised by a professional that this the last chance then it must be done. effects are permanent and even though there are dangers the results are usually satisfactory.

congratulations T.! you did and are still doing and hopefully will keep doing a great job. weightloss is not a joke, I suffered a lot trying and I'm still trying to lose. I too was unable to perform sports, now I can ride some bicycle maybe do some crunches. you have the same progress pattern, chopping wood is HARD work man!

I hope you keep up the goodwork and make a good example for others.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, Tayfur, I had it done loporoscopically and was only in the hospital three days. There were only 5 small incisions and they were no larger than 1 in or 2.54 cm. I was on Lovenex for 10 days after to prevent clots and wore a surgical belly band to support my abdominals for 30 days after the surgery. Laporoscopic procedure is BY FAR less invasive than the big split incision. I was up walking the day after, although not very well::GRIN::! Actually, with the laporoscopic procedure, walking relieves the pain better than morphine. They inflate your abdominal cavity with nitrogen and as the nitrogem processes itself out of the system, you get a presure point in the abdomen that makes your shoulder hurt asnd the only way to deal with it is to get up and walk and dissipate the nitrogen pocket. The biggest risk you have is either postoperative infection or a bad reaction to anaesthesia. Other postoperative complications are adhesions, which are essentially scar tissue in the pleural viscera causing a bind point and triggering a flash of pain. The diet after is extremely restrictive and gradually widens in scope and size. This surgery should never be looked at as the easy way out, because it isn't. I'm not thinking you were saying that either. It is a last resort and should be treated that way! The biggest issue I have is with insurance carriers. My insurance placed so many roadblocks in my way that I almost died and we had to sic a lawyer on them to get my surgery approved. My family, supporting me throughout, as well as my attorney, Judy, basically saved my life.(Not all lawyers are scum, and Judy proves that statement admirably!)

Rhiannon said...

Stormcrowe, I'm very impressed with how your fairing here and what you did. Its very thoughtful of you to share all this with the world, and your open and honesty. I'm glad to see you recovered well and am so impressed with your taking initiative.

I'm one of those that are opposite in the weight department. I have a hard time keeping weight on as just with my life situation and also stress affects me differently, as some will eat a lot when stressed, and some, like me completely lose their appetite. Also I'm always moving around a lot to keep "things going" so metabolism burning everything up too much! So don't hate me but I want to gain!.:o(..

Again thanks for sharing your story and this is and will be very imformative for someone who may just need all this info!

Take care and I say "Go Stormcrowe"!

With Angel Blessings,

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Rhi, Thanks for the blessings and I wouldn't get mad! A little jealous, maybe::GRIN::, but not mad! Come on back anytime and I cover a lot of subjects here, from bariatric surgery to health and fitness activities, like my "Spinner Saturday" posts! This site has done more to help me than I ever could anyone else as far as dealing with the physical and emotional issues and have recieved nothing but open support and friendship from the people who visit here!(Other than that splogger who posted cheesecake recipes in my comments::EVIL GRIN::!

NEBULA said...

KUDOS to you!!! I know it musta ben very tough but you're a living & ACTIVE example of determination!
Now...How do I convince my long time BF that he's obese and needs help? He's got diabetes now and does NOT take care of it and he's getting worse...he's only 38...his dad died at 47 from a heart attack very suddenly, he was heavy and overweight seems to run in their family. Nothing I say affects my BF and I don't nag cuz it's pointless. I have MEGA health problems from an immune system disease I was born with and just get sooo mad that he can FIX his problem, whereas I cannot & wish I could.
Any words of advice?
Thanks and great blog! Good luck!!!

NEBULA said...

Thanks for replying! (on my blog) I will try & get him to check your site out...He's not into puters but I can show him and today he will be shocked (as i was) to learn of Chris Penn's death. They think his weight may have been a factor....so young and such a great actor! It brought to mind, for me, John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley....all too young to go. I saw the death pic of Chris Farley and maaan it wasn't pretty...I showed my BF so he could take a look at what could happen to him. For now, all he wants to do is party & eat...and his diabetes is outta control. He's in total denial & has been for nearly 3 years, long enuf to kill him. A coupla years ago, he was rushed to hospital with a gall bladder attack and discovered the diabetes was baddd, his blood sugar was so high they wouldn;t let him go til they'd gotten a grip on it. The GB attack was merely a warning, manifested following a particularly gluttonous thanksgiving. If I sound like a hard ass bitch it's cuz seeing a grown man pissin himself all because of outta control blood sugar,is ....just a bloody damn shame! I don't wanna see him in a box before the year's over ya know? I DO appreciate your feedback & I might even get him to email ya. I'll try...but my pleas fall on deaf ears. I ain't sayin itz EZ, I'm sayin it's CRUCIAL! If only he'll DO something about it b4 it's too late! I think ur pretty amazing & glad to see you makin such great strides! I know it's tough but you're TOUGHER!
Keep hangin' tuff!

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