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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Last Spinner Saturday of 2005!

This Saturday is not onlt the last day of 2005, it's the last "Spinner Saturday" of 2005 as well! Let's roll out the old year with a fantastic 100% participation in this event and make it a literal GLOBAL RIDE We have participants around the world, in Istanbul, Australia, and the USA! The title of this post is of course a redirect to my new blog over at MSN!


sister celtic said...

YOUR LOOKIN FINE STORMCROWE ISN'T IT WONDERFUL.. WOW..god bless you and the ms. for a wonderful new year full of joy and life to the fullest..thanks for all your support on my blog.. clang clang ffmb is practicing and marching for new years..laaaater..

Al Maviva said...

Whoa! Who posted the picture of that Squash on your site...

Just kidding. Looking good Stormcrowe. Keep it up.

Fritz said...

I saw your comment about losing 320 lbs on Jill's Alaska blog. Could you shoot me shoot me a note? I'd like to ask a couple of questions if you don't mine.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Done Fritz, I used your Contact form. I sent yoyu my NONPUBLIC email, by the way!

Stephanie said...

Wow you look great! Congratulations, and best wishes to continued success!

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