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Monday, December 05, 2005

Morbid Obesity, Cold Weather, and Weight Loss!

Note: I have updated the "Spinner Saturday Chart to reflect Caloi Riders miles
I am trying out this font color as apparently the default font is hard to read against the background. I'll be posting in various text colors here and you guy's tell me what you like best
against the current template! I don't want to change the template because if I do, I'll have to reset all my links and lose ALL the old comments. Well, riding in cold weather after losing as much weight as I have, I've found my resistance to cold is signifigantly less! I used to be able to sit outside in Minnesota in January wearing T-Shirt, Shorts and sandals! Now I FREEZE! While I'm riding, I generate enough heat that I'm OK, other than the sappy grin frozen on my face as I can't move my face anymore! When I show up at Panera's with my Cycling clothes(Sweats) and Windvest and Helmet, they basically think I'm nuts! Lets see, checklist here:
Windvest: Trucking Co. Windvest, polarguard fill
Sports Band for the ears:Merino wool, Thinsulate(tm) and fleece, 3 layers
Polar Gloves: 1500 gram Thinsulate(tm)
Fleece sweat pants(2 pr), from Walmart
Thermal T/ Regular Long T
Fleece hooded Sweatshirt
Thermal socks
Lycra compression stockings for circulatory problems
Cross Training shoes from Walmart again
Winter Hydration and Health:
Hydration pack rides INSIDE my wind vest, at 16F, it freezes otherwise! I also carry energy food like Granola or Clif Bars(tm) because food=warmth! Cold air saps your energy as well as dehydrates you faster, believe it or not. Another thing you need to watch for is frostbite. You also need to consider a breath warmer mask if you are pushing hard enough to wind up mouth breathing. Air at extremely low temperatures can damage your lungs!
Essentially, I want to convey that winter riding is not only possible, but fun! You just need to take certain environmental factors into consideration. The caloric burn is the same or higher, and it is healthy! Go for it, and have fun!

ps- I should mention, I just started a frappr thingamy! The link is this headline!


Caloi-Rider said...

Your text is a lot more visible. Thanks for adding me to the list. Better luck this week, right?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

No problem at all, Caloi! Now all we gotta get is Big mike to post a few miles!::GRIN:: Of course seeing as he's in the fozen waste of Australia and experiencing a frigid 75F average, I just don't know!

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