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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tour de Cure: 3 Whole Days Away!

Well, here I am, in 72 hours, I'll be in Indianapolis for the night before the ride. 100 miles on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I've got less than 2 weeks post crash training, so the ride is definitely going to be a challenge for me. Well, pain is life, they say.....so I'll be experiencing some definite life!

I have about 80 % of my shoulder mobility back and about 45% of the strength. My next entry will be after the ride, to either bask in glory or as Jim McKay used to say, experience the agony of defeat.....

I hit my fundraising goal of $1000.00, personally and Team Stormcrowe hit over the goal at $3750.00 of a $3300.00 goal. In expectation of Saturdays ride, here's where MY head is going to be......


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