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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tour de Cure, 2008 is in the bag!

This years Tour was a rousing success! We had a great ride and both my personal efforts as well as Team Stormcrowe exceeded our goals!Let me introduce the rogues gallery of Team Stormcrowe, to start things off.


Photo by Chad, our team photographer/videographer

Left to right, rear row, Phil (St Louis), Beverly (Ohio), Me, Joe (Bloomington, IN), and Mark (Greenwood, IN)
front row, Denny (SW PA) and Jerry (Chicago area). We had trouble getting everyone in the shot because we'd scattered a bit at this time and as a result, couldn't get everyone together....so, I'll add in some other shots singly momentarily.


Fred, aka 10wheels. He came up from Houston, TX for the ride


Here we are, getting registered for the ride. My wife also volunteered for this event. She ran the registration for the Century ride on the track.

Now, a little about Fred. He missed the Century mark by 6 miles....he just ran out of time on the track. He's a mile monster....and I'm really impressed with his performance.

Another member was Thomas R, aka scummer on http://www.bikeforums.net. He got a little later start, and still cranked out the Century, + a few insurance miles and a tad over 105. No pictures of him, unfortunately.

Bev: 67 miles
Denny: 67 miles
Jerry: 84 miles
Mark: did the 50K ride
Me: 41.2 miles attempting the Century with an injured shoulder. It got too painful to ride.
Phil: 70+ miles

People were riding all kinds of bikes, ranging from Trikes


to a Penny Farthing


and all configurations of road bikes





The track is the smoothest surface you'll ever ride, there at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It made for some fast riding conditions. It was a great day and all of us are going to do it again next year.

Now, to close with Jim McKays words, in sports, there is the thrill of victory


and the agony of defeat


This year, my injuries from my training crash 3 weeks ago stopped me, but I'll not let that discourage me.....next year, I will finish the Century.

Team Stats: Fundraising:

Me: $1100.00
Team Stormcrowe overall: $3935.00

1 comment:

Peg said...

You guys are all amazing in my eyes!! Great Job!! And something to be really proud of!

Hats Off

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