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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tour de Cure: The Ride Report!

Well, Tour de Cure in Indianapolis is a done deal! Team Stormcrowe raised $1075.00 for the American Diabetes Association, our goal was $1000.00. I'm definitely doing it again next year!The ride was very well organized and the logistics were great! (Thanks for the good job, Sang! and I hop I spelled your name right!). Communications and SAG service was provided by local Amateur Radio operators. They did a great job as well (Thanks, guys!)

The temperature when the ride started out was in the low 60's, kind of cool. I opted for the 75 KM road route and was going to do another 25K on the track, but my right knee wasn't very cooperative today. I had a tendinitis flareup and had to DNF at the 69 kilometer point

Crazylady did the 50 K route and had a great ride herself. We are definitely doing it next year! Team Stormcrowe will ride again!

Thanks to everyone that donated to the American Diabetes Association through myself and Team Stormcrowe.

I put together a Montage from a combination of the pictures from the ride and my news footage from last night, to try to give a viewpoint of the entire experience.

Well, ebdeh, ebde, ebde, that's all, folks, as a certain famous Pig used to say! That's the wrap up of this years Tour de Cure Effort. We'll be hounding everyone for donations again next year!

Industry Outsider
Brian, over at Industry Outsider has a really nice article about cycling and Diabetes. Pay him a nice visit! Either the Headline of this article or the blog title abobve is a link to go there.

1 comment:

uncadan8 said...

Way to go, Team Stormcrowe!! And I can't believe I "know" a celebrity now!

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