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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gym Time and other News

Well, I did some gym time today. I was doing this for health psychology class demonstrating some slow lift techniques as part of class today. We did the gym time at Ivy Tech's gym/fitness center.I am pooped out! My muscles are still burning, but it's a good burn.I was using a 2 second slow cycle on the lifts with moderate and low weight lifts to build core strength and upper body strength without packing on a lot of muscle mass I don't want.

Squat lifts at 50% body weight: 40
Leg Press @ 365 pounds, single leg: 180 each leg
Overheard chin: 15 at full bodyweight after 30 at 50% counterweighting
Body weight dead lift: 15 at full bodyweight and 30 at 50% counterweighting

Supersized Cycles News

I just has an email exchange with Joan over at Supersized Cycles and she had some news for me. I'll let her say it in her own words though, but they have some new stuff!

Hey Tom,
We do have some new products, and probably the most exciting is that we now carry large size cycling shorts and jerseys! And they're really great--the shorts make such a difference in comfort. http://www.supersizedcycles.com/site/1554167/page/906715

And you know, I think, that I'm selling electric assist bikes, too http://www.supersizedcycles.com/site/1554167/page/878651. and great, fun helmets http://www.supersizedcycles.com/site/1554167/page/881597. Also have added a section called "pre-loved bikes" http://www.supersizedcycles.com/site/1554167/page/902522 so that people who are ready to move on to a lighter, faster bike can trade in their old Super Sized Cycle if they want to.

In the very near future I will be adding a blog-type forum to the site, so that folks who are getting ready to ride again, or who are just starting to ride, can get support and ask and answer questions.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Keep on riding!


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