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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spinner Saturday Ride

Today, Mrs Stormcrowe and I rode out to Cairo, Indiana to the Skywatch Tower. Round trip is about 18 miles if you start on the North Salisbury Trailhead foir the NW Greenbelt. The link goes to the site giving details about it. The Skywatch Tower is a state historic site.

Photo: Originally published at

The purpose of the Skywatch Tower, built in the 1950's, was to watch for the horde of Russian Bombers that were expected to attack and attempt to overwhelm us. It is in far worse condition than depicted and frankly, is in need of repair, before the elements take it out. This is a piece of history and would make a great destination for rides. It also would make a great observation platform to look out over the farmlands for vista photography.

I originally heard about this place on the blog titled
Dan on Bike, run by a local man here in Boiler Country. He also happens to be a friend of mine. Dan is also a member of Spinner Saturday, as well. Dan has a picture from May up on his blog. I would have gotten pictures myself, but the camera batteries froze. Thus the picture from the Cairo Skywatch Tower site.

Now, for the Spinner Miles, time to turn them in, everybody! Mrs Stormcrowe and I have had terrible weather to ride when we had time and great weather when we were stuck in class. Our miles for the week are 43 each. Until the next time, keep up the riding!

Update: I've added a route map here as well so if you are local, you can print the map and ride out there yourself!
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Dan said...

That's a great ride!

I forget which site I read about the tower which proposed that the program was actually setup by the US Air Force to test the ability of new planes to avoid detection. With unbiased, enthusiastic volunteers, they could determine if similar pre-radar efforts on the other side of the iron curtain could be successfully thwarted.

Neat theory, anyway.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Tep, it is!

By the way, the ride was so blasted cold, the camera batteries froze, so I couldn't get pictures!

uncadan8 said...

81 miles this week, Tom. Back to the grind with school next week, but I hope to keep the miles rolling in.

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