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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Lady Who Inspires Me Quite Often!

Meet Jill, a journalist up in Juneau, AK who rides a bike under truly horrendous conditions. Jill is currently in the training phase of preparation for her second riding of the Susitna 100. This race runs along sections of the Iditarod Trail, up there in the state of Alaska. This is truly a tough bicycle race, pure endurance! You have to have grit to ride it, guaranteed. Last year. Jill just missed her personal goal of 24 hours. She did finish the course though, with honor as far as I am concerned.

Jill is riding it again this year, a race wiser and better prepared mentally and physically for a tough race. This year she knows better what to expect. Drop by and give Jill some encouragement and support for her race!

The Spinner Report will go out later today. See everyone later!


Jill Homer said...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the shout out!

Actually, I didn't receive a DNF. I didn't finish in under 24 hours as I was hoping too (25 hours is close :-), but the Susitna 100 gives all participants 48 hours to finish the race, regardless of whether they're on bike, ski or foot. This is because, depending on conditions, sometimes the runners have the advantage. There have been years (2005) where people on foot and ski came in before any of the bikers had finished (because if the snow is really deep or soft, it's a lot harder to walk and drag a bike alongside than it is to just walk.)

So I did officially finish the race in 2006, about 23 hours shy of the cutoff, although I am hoping to do it faster this year.

Thanks again! Your stories continue to inspire me.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I got it wrong, Jill! My apologies! You'll do a lot better than last years time, I am sure! A little experience goes a long way! That's right, I actually remember that it was your personal goal time. Consider this an official correction!

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