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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just a little update and a THANK YOU!

To start with, a thank you to Joyce, "The Bike Lady"! I am now the proud owner of a wonderful Royce Union "Gibralter" Mountain Bike! If you are reading my Blog in Layette, IN; I highly recommend her used bikes! She rebuilds and reconditions old and newer bikes and sells them for a reasonable price! So if you are in the market, post a comment here and I'll get the email. Leave an email address and I'll let you know what she has available and how to find her! By the way, she has a Trek racer identical to Lance Armstrongs bike that he rode in the Toure de France! This is a $1000.00+ bike and she has it for $125.00 (I'm not kidding!) I haven't been able to finish the ride I was talking about, but I WILL get out to Hadley Lake yet! If you are riding the West Lafayette trail system, keep your eye open! You might see me! I'll be the fat guy riding the Royce Union! My wife will be with me riding an adult three wheeler (She lost her right inner ear due to cancer and consequently can't balance a bike, but she's still out there riding! BRAVO for her! I'm damn proud of her!) Well, TTFN! I'll see ya Saturday after my weigh in!

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